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» Body Massage

We offer a variety of massage treatments to fit your individual needs using natural oils, cremes and aromatherapy. During massage, the client is draped with a sheet for privacy.

» Swedish Dreams
Enjoy light touch massage with long pressured strokes and soft kneading to stretch muscles and relax your body.

60 minutes . . . . $75.00*
90 minutes . . . . $110.00*

» Deep Tissue/Sports Massage
Using deep pressure techniques, muscle congestion (tension) is released, relieving pain, soreness and chronic muscle issues, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.

60 minutes . . . . $85.00*
90 minutes . . . . $120.00*

» Reflexology
With focus on the pressure points that correspond to all points throughout your body, your feet are massaged using deep pressure and kneading, leaving you feeling balanced and energized.

30 minutes . . . . $35.00*

» Pregnancy Massage
A variety of techniques are used to ease sore muscles and relieve tension throughout the body. You are placed in a supported position that is safe and comfortable for you and your baby.

60 minutes . . . . $80.00*

Aromatherapy Body Treatment
Using a customized blend of essential oils, your body is brushed with warm oil and wrapped in warming blankets for 25 minutes. A light shoulder and foot massage is given for further relaxation. To complete the treatment, the oil is removed with hot steam towels leaving you with silky smooth skin.

40 minutes . . . . $60.00*

* Listed prices reflect the average price for treatment. As each treatment is specifically tailored to your individual needs, exact prices are determined on a case-by-case basis.